The services of the current kitchen operator will end on 3rd January 2019. The Club extends its appreciation to the caterer for the services rendered.

A new kitchen operator, Legendary Food Kitchen has been engaged and will begin operation on 7th January 2019.

The kitchen will also be undergoing renovation and upgrade works for an estimated duration of 15 weeks, beginning 7th January 2019. It is expected to be fully operational during the week of 15th April 2019.

A limited menu will be available daily at the Club from 11.30am to 10pm during this period.

The Lagoon outdoor area will be temporarily used to place food stalls.

The Smugglers’ Inn will be closed for the entire duration of the renovation.

NO outside food and drinks will be allowed in the Club during this period.


The Club endeavors to provide better food and service to members’ with the appointment of the new caterer and upon completion of the renovation. Members’ cooperation in this matter is very much appreciated and any inconvenience is very much regretted.



The General Committee